The Who, What, Where, Why & When of Wide Angle Photography

Wide Angle shots, if done well, can be super handy for any budding travel photographer be it solo or in a group. Using the likes of the PIxter Wide Angle or Pixter Wide Angle Pro helps the user to get more into their shot, be that in regular camera mode or even in the selfie style (sure when you need to let everyone know that you were in New York for Christmas and not just in your back garden it can be handy)

I can’t really tell the difference between a regular photo and one that has been taken with a Wide Angle Lens, what is the difference?


Wide Angle photos are used to increase the field of view.  They allow the photographer to capture much more in one shot.  The idea is not to change or distort the photo like a Super Fisheye lens would for example.  It is not used to focus on solely one subject and create a soft blurry background which is the effect the Telephoto Pro would give.


Take a look at a side by side view of the same photo.  Both photos were taken in the exact same spot by our ambassador, however one photo was taken with the Pixter Wide Angle Pro and the other without.

That is really cool but why would I need to use this style of photography and not just take a few steps back to get that in the shot?


Sometimes you don’t have a choice!  It may be because you are extremely close to the subject and for whatever reason you can’t take a few steps back.  There could be a wall or a busy road right behind you preventing you from getting anywhere.

When would I need to use it?

If you wanted to take a selfie and show that you are not just in your back garden but on the Champs Elysees in Paris or Times Square in New York it is perfect.  No need to go searching and asking others to take a photo of you when you can do just as well by yourself!  


Another reason may be you may want to get an entire group into a shot in your living room.  Just pop your phone onto one of our tripods and snap away at a distance using the bluetooth remote included!

Ok, so you’ve convinced me.  I really think a Wide Angle lens would up my photography game. How can I achieve this style of photography?

This couldn’t be easier.  Pop the Wide Angle Lens on either your front or rear facing camera and just be amazed by the results!


Have a look at this video if you need a hand placing your lens on your phone!

So there you have it.  The who, what, where, why and when of Wide Angle Mobile photography.  Let us know in the comments if you have any questions and which lens you would like to learn about next!