Strasbourg Christmas Markets with Craig & Aimee

Craig & Aimee were lucky enough to go on a road trip from their home in Wales on the Eurotunnel to Strasbourg in France, just in time to experience the Christmas markets for a bit of festive cheer!

What could be more Christmassy than jumping in the car and heading to one of the oldest and most beautiful Christmas markets in Europe.


So that’s what we did! Strasbourg (in France) here we come!


We drove across land far and wide and took the Eurotunnel across the English channel to La Cathedral Hotel in Strasbourg where were super lucky to have been upgraded to a suite, fit for a king! The view from our room was INSANE. That’s the Cathedral right there! (Which woke us up most mornings but we won’t ruin the dream) We were overlooking the Christmas markets and nearly wet ourselves with excitement.



On the first day of Christmas we visited a gorgeous spot called ‘Le Petit France’ – or little France to you and me. 


Even if it wasn’t Christmas here – the houses and buildings look like they belong to elves and fairies and DEFINITELY Santa Claus. 


Some of them looked like the gingerbread houses us British folk build around Christmas time and wish we could live in. Amazing scenes.



As the day turned into night time, we headed for the Christmas markets! YES! We set each other challenges like ‘who can buy the ugliest piece of Christmas clothing’ which was super funny!

(I ended up wearing a reindeer on my head for the rest of the evening) But it was lovely to walk around, drink mulled wine and look at all the glowing little trinkets to take home for your Nan. We were even in time for the grand Christmas tree light switch on in the centre of all the Christmas spirit! We had a dance around it, and then headed to check the Cathedral out.



IT’S MASSIVE. So grand! The street leading up to it is like something out of a fairytale!



With it’s beautiful Christmas lights stretching across and the amazing French bakeries lining the street, it’s definitely a place you have to visit!




The best thing about visiting a place in Europe is finding really cool things to do for free – because it can be quite pricey!

Luckily for us, just walking around the graceful cobbled stone streets, looking at the traditional gingerbread houses with their excessive Christmas decorations making the place look like kids dream was enough for us! It was ready for Santa to arrive any minute.



The houses were also arranged on the side of the river that runs through Strasbourg. You can take a boat trip along it if you want to keep warm!




We’re certainly feeling very festive now and are more than ready for Christmas! We think we might make an offer on one of the gingerbread houses. We’re ready to move in tomorrow.