Perchek Industrie's Stroll in the Forest

Clément from @perchek.industry takes us along on his stroll through a forest, on the black mountain, which is actually not too far from Carcassonne, in the south east of France.  Clément doesn’t live too far from here and it really shows that you don’t need to get on a plane or train to go out and explore! All of the photos were taken with his Samsung Galaxy S6 and Pixter Telephoto and Macro Pro for this adventure!  Keep reading to see what he got up to!


I decided to go out and explore not too long after a pretty heavy rainfall.  The forest that I went to was pretty heavily covered, with little breaks in the trees to see some of the sun poking through.  The Macro Pro is one of my favourite lenses but it can be hard to set a scene of sorts so I thought it best to bring my Telephoto to show just how covered this forest is!



As Autumn has definitely arrived, it was amazing to see the contrasting colours of the leaves.  To hear the crunch of the autumn leaves that escaped the rain is one of my favourite things about Autumn.  It is such an incredible sight to see the evergreen trees and some of the leaves that have fallen to the ground.


I love daisy flowers.  They are extremely simple but so precious in the way they grow everywhere and anywhere, except apparently Antarctica…  Another interesting fact about daisies is that you can actually eat the white petals.  I have yet to try them but I wonder if anyone else has had them in a salad? A new delicacy to try out but I am not too sure if I am brave enough to test it out!


Unfortunately, I am not a botanist and I am not a pro at naming certain flowers such as these.  But I can appreciate a pretty flower and the Macro Pro definitely helps to bring out the beauty of the flower.  They are so small that normally one would just walk past them and not even stop to see how delicate these little flowers really are.



Sometimes flowers can all blend in together.  Especially when they are so small but capturing them using the Macro Pro, helps to bring out and show the lovely shades of pink and white.  Something I sometimes skim past if I go on walks like these but this time I decided to take advantage of the tranquillity around me.

Not only this but also the raindrops on the grass and flowers.  Well, in my opinion, something so simple as a drop of rain on a strand of grass or hanging off the ends of the leaves of the dandelion is just how simply beautiful this world we live in can be.


Sometimes it happened that I would stumble across amazing pops of colour such as this pink flower, clusters of purple along with a few mushrooms.  Between the mushrooms and daisy petals I could have made a nice little salad but I didn’t want to risk it just in case!


I eventually made it out from the sheltered trees and stumbled upon the sun shining, pretty high considering it is Autumn but I was definitely not complaining because it was a chance to heat up as it was getting pretty chilly in the midst of the trees!


I stumbled across a ladybird climbing up and up and up and up but I don’t think the poor ladybird realised that there was an end and had to make its way back down to safety!

I hope you enjoyed coming along with me on this adventure and I hope it helped you to see that you don’t have to go too far from home to travel somewhere exciting!