Paris 10

Marine & Thibault are bringing us around to discover their Paris.  To be a little more precise closer to Canal Saint-Martin in the 10th District, an eclectic mix that is in the midst of expansion.

It is always a good photographic exercise – which is actually quite difficult – to capture certain aspects of our everyday lives.  We take the time to look at things, people… and well just life in general!

We do our best to have the same outlook as if we were on a trip.

We start to look at this place we call home like it is the first time we have walked around these streets even if it is a journey we talk nearly every day.

However, it forces us to actually realise how lucky we are to live here!

We really like the general feeling and ambiance coming from the Jemmapes and Valmy quays.

Wide Angle

What we really like here is the fact that during the “Golden Hour” the reflections in the water of the buildings, the street art that won’t be there for too long, even just the colours of the shop fronts.

Not only that but the locks that manage the passing boats, the steel bridges going from one bank to the other.

To see how the same place changes between Autumn and the leaves on the trees turning orange.

Check back next week to see what else Marine & Thibault found on their stroll around the 10th arrondissement in Paris!