How to create a Bokeh effect with the Telephoto Pro

Have you ever wondered what exactly the Telephoto Pro does? Or it may be because you are searching how to give your photos a few upgrades without much effort on your behalf! Keep reading to see what the Telephoto Pro can actually do…

Why you should be considering adding the Telephoto Pro to your cabin baggage on your next trip!  Not only does it aid you in getting that perfect portrait photo with that soft blurry background.  With that being said, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be shooting a person.  The Telephoto Pro is great for focusing on one object and creating a nice bokeh effect in the background of the image.  In other words it helps you get a super fancy effect without the bother of having to be a photoshop pro!

You are probably thinking to yourself.  What exactly does a Telephoto Pro do?  What will I get out of a Telephoto Pro?  The Telephoto Pro is great if you are far away from your subject.  Thanks to its X2 optical zoom, the Telephoto Pro will help you get a much clearer image with no distortion.  If you simply use your native smartphone camera and zoom in you will see the image becoming blurry and unuseable.

How to take the perfect portrait with the Telephoto Pro in 3 simple steps

1. Make sure to define your subject

The majority of the time your subject will have been defined and will be pretty clear.  Your subject can be anything but is ultimately one thing that you want to focus on.  It could be a person or an object even, a DisneyLand Paris park ticket for example!  Whatever it may be that you don’t want to turn out blurry in other words!

As you can see from the photo the ticket is the main subject and the beautiful castle has a nice bokeh effect in the background.


And don’t forget about our little feline friends which make amazing subjects also!

2. Tap, Tap Tap away!

Once you have decided on your subject and figured out the perfect shot tap on the screen the exact object you would like to focus on!

In this case the object is the girl looking off into the distance, possibly pondering her next move and wondering where the sun is ?!

3. Stop and Snap!

Once you have selected and tapped, all that is left to do is snap that photo!  One thing to do is to make sure that your subject is still in focus and then everything should be smooth sailing from there!

Pixter Telephoto Pro in Tromso with Kinging It

Result?  A super snazzy image that many people won’t believe was taken on your smartphone.  The only thing you will need to worry about what Instagram filter to use ?