How is the Second Generation of Pixter Pro Lenses different ?

A new era for mobile photography

The sensors and lenses of smartphones have evolved hugely over the past year. When we started developing smartphone lenses, we wanted to create products that could be used by everyone without any limit. As smartphones improved, so did our lenses. We have listened to you and our team has worked hard to create a new range of high-quality pro lenses, ensuring optimal operation and compatibility, especially on the latest smartphone models. At Pixter, we are all very excited to see the latest progresses made in mobile photography and look forward to seeing what the future is going to be about.
But what has really changed in our products? How is this second generation different?

Why a second generation of Pro lenses?

Due to various technological developments, smartphones sensors are changing. For example, if you compare a Samsung S6 sensor and a Samsung S10 sensor; the difference is quite impressive! In general we notice that the sensors are getting bigger and bigger. This sometimes explains the presence of black borders on pictures taken with some of our Pro lenses from the 1st generation. By optimizing the lens construction of our lenses, we have managed to erase this vignetting effect while improving the quality of the images.
We have also redesigned our lenses and made them more refined, more ergonomic, and more easily identifiable when slipped into a pocket or a travel case.

Boost the Pixter experience with our New Phone Case

The combo has never been so effective! We also worked on a New Pixter phone case! Give your smartphone an unprecedented photo experience combined with our lenses. Icing on the cake, this one is made of wood (Walnut tree from the United States to be accurate).
We imagined a phone case that could be used in everyday life. The lens attachment system remains the same, ensuring compatibility with the full range of Pixter lenses. The rubber bumper ensures total protection of the phone, against shocks or falls.
Upon request of many users, we have also designed a notch to attach a wrist strap.
Light and thin, with a pleasant grip and optimal support, we are proud to present our New Pixter Phone Case.

New Wide Pro: The Best Wide Angle Lens (18mm) for Smartphone

A design that lives up to your expectations

After months of hard work refining all aspects of this New Wide Pro (18mm), we are (very) proud of the overall quality of this new lens.
We have completely redesigned the old Wide Angle Pro, starting from scratch, and have created a product that stands out of the pack! You have literally been hundreds to ask us for the release date of a new Wide lens. Well, we are now able to tell you: it is today!

The New Wide Pro is as wide as the previous Wide Angle Pro, and offers better image quality and improved color reproduction. All of the lens construction has been redesigned for the latest generation of smartphones. Once this New Wide Pro is placed on your smartphone, you will immediately notice the difference.
This New Wide Pro still has a focal length of 18mm. It can capture 2 times more images with no distortion, whether you’re taking a photo or a video.



Versatility first and foremost

This lens remains the best choice for new Pixter users, guaranteed! Since the wide angle offers 2 times more image with no distortion, you will be able to capture your entire subjects within the frame. Shoot landscapes, interiors and people without cutting out important details. Its lens construction lives up to a 18mm camera lens, which makes it a serious competitor to DSLR’s.
This New Wide Pro is a must-have for all videomakers willing to shoot a scene without losing any detail. As you probably know, the image tends to get cropped when switching from photo mode to video mode on a smartphone.
This is the most versatile option but also the best if you’re willing to purchase your first Pixter Lens.