Everything you need and should want to know on Instagram

A company founded in 2010, that was originally exclusively for iPhone users has skyrocketed today to be one of the most used social media platforms for all smartphone users! That being said Android users didn’t get the Instagram joy until 2012. This isn’t a huge surprise considering within one month of opening there were 1 million accounts created.


Today 1 in 4 people with a smartphone use Instagram.  That is crazy to think that 70% of those users actually check Instagram every single day.  Sure what else did we do on our daily commute before then?!


Did you know? – Facts & Figures


  • 95 million photos and videos are shared every single day


  • 32% of the Instagram community comes from the USA!


  • 11 million likes – Beyoncé still holds the crown for the photo with the most likes… She has even more likes than the entire population of Ireland times 2!


  • 133 million – The number of people following Selena Gomez


  • Everyone is spreading the love with the most used emoji  ❤️


Best practices to get a few more followers 😉

We all know that is why you are really here …. We can make no promises but hopefully these few tips may give you a helping hand.


  • Make sure you add the location of wherever you took the photo

Why you may ask? Many people are starting to use Instagram as much as tripadvisor or Yelp nowadays for restaurant recommendations as many people want to get the perfect snap of their sushi donut or rainbow bagel!


It can also be helpful for you to remember that place you got the best burrata in Paris!

  • Go hashtag crazy!

The more hashtags you put the more likely you are to turn up in a search and now that users can follow hashtags so even more of a reason to use them.


No promises as roughly 83% of images uploaded have hashtags but it can’t do any harm!


  • Some people say Wednesday at 5pm is the perfect time to upload you shots but with changes to Instagram’s algorithms constantly changing who knows.


So there you have it everything you need and should want to know with regards to Instagram! These figures are constantly changing along with the few hints and tips available because Instagram wants everyone to be on the same playing field.