A Well Needed Break in Ile de Ré

Sunday, October 15th and the last few yearly rays of sunshine are coming through. It really is an Indian summer at this time in France. Marine and Thibault from the French blog Black and Wood have slipped on their shorts and sunglasses for a day of exploring on the beautiful Ile de Ré. Directly translated as Ré Island (pronounced Ray), it is actually connected to the mainland by a bridge at La Rochelle in the South West of France. It was the perfect chance for them to get some great Autumn light off the Atlantic Ocean.

Apparently, we weren’t the only ones to have the great idea of a little break.  

There is so much traffic even before we reach the bridge to get across to the island!  

The car parks are bursting and the cafés and restaurants are jam packed.

We start our mini road trip on the island in the direction of La Flotte, a small village well known for its beautiful architecture, port and beautiful maritime feeling in general.  

We were able to capture the beautiful buildings, the moored boats and we were also able to stroll through the market and wander through all the little side streets and lanes.

Then we get back into our car to make our way to the “plage de la Cible”, which is a beautiful beach where we had planned on having a picnic with a lovely view of the ocean.  

We ate our sandwiches, made with love, before we headed on to Saint-Martin-de-Ré walking along to the old prison.

This is the largest town on the island and without a shadow of a doubt it is one of the most touristic.

It is basically a larger and busier version of La Flotte.

There are also a few similarities with La Rochelle.


We had planned on finishing our day off with a trip the Baleine lighthouse, one of the furthest points north but once we arrived, we wouldn’t find any parking.  


We dread to think what this place is like in the height of the season. Lesson learned, bikes really are the best way to travel around on the island and we will remember that the next time!


We finish off our afternoon on the “plage de Trousse Chemise”, which is a beautiful beach surrounded by many sand dunes.  


We hang around for a few minutes to catch the last few rays of sunshine poking through the clouds before we head back to the hustle and bustle of Paris…..

We will definitely be back but the next time with our bikes and a little more time 🙂