A warm escape to the Algarve

With the terribly cold weather we are having it is time to be transported somewhere a little warmer… The Algarve! Craig & Aimee are bringing us to a warmer climate this week, all the while meeting plenty of interesting characters along the way! Keep reading to find out what they got up to!

We headed to the Algarve for another adventure to find some of the best spots on offer and we were NOT disappointed. The first spot we headed to was Ponta Da Piedade.

You have to walk down these Game of Thrones-esque steps to a huge cove filled with boats.

The rock formations are just mind blowing. I mean, we love a rock but these rocks were on another level! There was a quirky guy trying to get us in his boat but we were alright.

Craig headed to the top for a look but I was too scared/on bag watch. The birds-eye view here is bloody great and in the distance you could hear an interesting character with a shell horn tooting his instrument for the punters.

After all the excitement we headed to Lagos Town- one of the prettiest little towns about; lush coloured buildings, cobbled streets and ice cream EVERYWHERE! We managed to find a little burrito cafe (so Portuguese…) to fill our boots then we hit the streets to get some more snaps.

The next day we found a unique company offering a Tuk Tuk tour in Albufeira who promised to take us to some secret spots.

We couldn’t say no to that! So Aimee dressed as a giant popcorn packet and we waited for our ride.


The sun was beaming and Paulo was the funniest host, we were flying around the streets with the wind in our locks lolling our little heads off. 

Paulo did not disappoint, the first place he took us too was a small beach in a CAVE, and there was nobody else there- absolutely winning mate.

We were shown all the best beaches and coastline and a few of Paulo’s favourite restaurants and then he said ‘chow’ and dropped us off in Old Town for a wander about.

Aimee was over the moon and went on a solo popcorn shopping trip to all the little shops. Old town was ace – white washed buildings, friendly faces, the smell of bakeries and stalls to get your hair braided (we didn’t have time).

Our next adventure was a little secret we’d read about but didn’t think was real – a waterfall/lagoon in the middle of an orange farm. We set off in the car and drove about 40 minutes from Albufeira to a location called Pego Do Inferno.

We had to walk past a little farm and a derelict building but much to our surprise when we stumbled through the woods we finally heard the sound of running water! The waterfall was just perfect- it had a rope swings, rocks to jump off, and the water was the perfect temperature to cool off after our 6 minute trek.

After our waterfall experience we were keen for some more hidden spots so we decided to go to the ultimate spot on the Algarve – the Benagil caves.

We’d seen it on the world wide web and didn’t believe it was real so we had to check. We got to Benagil and rented a SUP board for €25 for 1 hour (yeah we got ripped off).

It only took about 5 minutes to paddle to the caves and it was a complete winner. It’s like a natural temple, the water is crystal clear and it’s just the most peaceful place – pure bliss! We explored inside, had a little swim and had to dash back to drop off the SUP boards.

Just up the road from Benagil is the magnificent Algar Seco in Carvoeiro. It’s another spot with lots of wicked rock formations, it’s like a little beige fortress with rock pools that you can swim in, cliffs you can jump off and walk ways you can skip through.

After we were done skipping we watched the sun set from the cliffs at Carvoeiro beach – a class end to one of the best days all year.

On our very last day in Portugal we went on a beach mission starting in Praia Da Camilo.

This beach has a huge set of stairs to walk down and then there are two little beaches connected by a tunnel that has been carved out of the cliff (so cool!).

Then we headed to Praia Da Marinha, which is a long stretch of beach with archways, huge rocks standing alone in the sea and golden sand.

I asked Craig to do his worst handstand in front of one of the rocks and I think he outdid himself.

All in all the Algarve was one of the most beautiful, unique and picturesque places we’ve ever been on all of our travels – if you’re thinking about visiting somewhere in Europe next summer then 100% put it on your bucket list!