A magical experience in Tromso

Having wanted to go to Norway for.. basically all our lives, we made it happen.
And what a trip it was!

As we are serial whale watchers, (we’ve done it twice in Iceland) we decided to go visit the little fellas. We’d never seen orcas before and Norway is swimming with them! Pun very much intended!


After an unwelcomed 5am start we got on the bus like proper tourists, got into our boiler suits and headed to the rib boat.

Cold was an understatement. It was painful, but the pain was worth it when we clocked the first Orca whale! The backdrop was unforgettable and the whales were just an added bonus. The contrast of the baby pinks and blues in the sky to the dark, huge fins on the Orcas was an amazing sight to see! As we were heading back two humpback whales stopped super close to the boat to say goodbye – it was magical, we were ecstatic.


As we came to Norway in January, there is only around 4 hours of daylight every day.


So by the time we got back into town, it was dark. Luckily for us Tromso still has it’s Christmas lights up, so we stopped for a little photo op! Craig was adamant that this house belonged to one of Santa’s workers.


The next day we were super early birds and went out to the fjords to snap some picture of the insane backdrop and traditional red Norwegian houses! – Craig matched perfectly with his little red coat!

After we got picked up in a UTV buggy by a member of the Sami culture and it was full steam ahead to meet a bunch of wild reindeers – too excited! They were very cautious of us and wouldn’t let us get too near but because we had food – they were quite close! It was such a lovely, calm experience; they are seriously the cutest things up close!


John looked super profesh in his traditional Sami get up.


When we reached the Sami camp, we were introduced to the most amazing white Reindeer Gurro! He was 12 years old and loves a good photo! What a babe!



The guys sat us down in their traditional lavvu tent and told us all about their Sami culture and how everything they do is reindeer orientated. (I think I should have been born into the Sami culture!)

We then headed into the wilderness to a luxury tent for the night. This little gem is plonked right in the middle of a snow covered valley, surrounded by wild reindeers and moose! The tent had its own electric fire and kettle, so we settled in for the night, listening to the wildlife and hoping to see the northern lights from the windows – no such luck!

The next day we woke up to fresh coffee and a bit of a ice rink due to the rainfall in the night! We got ourselves washed up and headed to the husky centre! Yas!!
We could hear them before we saw them! They like were mental kids! You can really tell they love the sledding, each one waiting, hoping to be picked to go out next!
There were over 300 of them and we got to kiss and cuddle as many as we wanted because they were all super friendly – one did lick me in the mouth though! Then when it all got a bit too cold, we popped into their warm wooden shack where we got coffee in cute wooden cups!



That evening we popped over to see the cathedral and stayed in a fantastic houseboat, anchored up in one of the lakes off a fjord – it was an incredible view through their living room window! (It’s not a TV haha) . Pictures were taken in the morning!


The next day was probably one of the best days of my life. We got to see over 300 friendly reindeers that we could feel and hug! It was amazing! You got a bucket of food when you went in and they all came surrounding you – brilliant! However one did ram me up the bum with his antlers – I have a huge bruise! Must have been super hungry because I ended up dropping the bucket and he dove in mouth wide open!




After a brilliant afternoon we drove around to take some snaps and headed up the cable car to see a view of the whole of Tromso. It really is a magical winter wonderland. We’ve fallen in love with the place, people and animals and can’t wait to visit again.




It really is a magical winter wonderland. We’ve fallen in love with the place, people and animals and can’t wait to visit again.