A beginners guide to taking photos in the snow

Snow can be tricky when it comes to photography.  Pixter is here to give you our main tips if you have absolutely no idea where to begin!

Cold, damp, dreary dark mornings are a few words to describe winter.  You may be lucky or unlucky enough to experience the snow during that period or it may even arrive at the start of spring!   


You either love it or hate it.  On one hand you’re happy that you don’t leave your house with your clothes instantly sticking to you due to the heat, in the middle of summer.  On the other hand, however, you are constantly putting layer upon layer of clothes onto you in the hopes of not losing the feeling of your legs.


In all honesty, here at Pixter we thought that Winter was over and Spring was starting to make an appearance.  Then BAM out of nowhere we are going to see a drop in temperature here in France and supposedly in a fair bit of Europe.  Sorry snow in March? Yes, snow in March….. Better get your Winter coat out of the attic! That is even if you had time to put it there in the first place 😉


As much as many people might want the snow to go away, Winter is coming …back!  The snow and cold does make for some really good shots however so keep reading to see our tips on getting the best shots while the snow is around!


1. Layer Up

Make sure that you are dressing appropriately.  Finding the right balance between being bundled up and warm that you aren’t shivering taking the shots but that you are able to move and not fumbling with your phone in gloves so thick that you are fumbling trying to get the camera open, let alone take a photo!


This may seem like an obvious one but it is definitely something to think about while you are out and about.  Enjoying the snow is great but you should make sure you are wearing the right clothes for the weather conditions at the time.


2. Extremes

Going from inside your cosy, warm house to brave the freezing outdoors.  Be careful for both your smartphone along with your lenses.


Now it may need to be very very cold before anything happens to your phone but with your Pixter lenses it would be wise to be careful.  Pixter lenses are made from numerous layers of glass on glass. Just imagine how your glasses get foggy from those extremes, a similar thing may happen with your lenses.  Better to be safe than sorry. A good idea would be to put your lenses in a bag so that the change of temperatures isn’t as extreme as quickly compared to if you simply had the lenses in your hand.


3. Timing is everything

That fresh blanket of snow looks extremely inviting?  Well you can bet that if that snow has fallen during the day, everyone will be out, making snow angels, building snowmen and simply enjoying the snow! It’s amazing but not so great if you want to take some shots without anyone in them

However, the best time is at night, when there is a fresh blanket of snow and not a soul to ruin your photos!  Venture out and see how inviting the snow can be along with how peaceful it is. Very few people would brave the temperatures at night but if you want that perfect shot, you will be under less stress getting it in the evening.


4. Give yourself a challenge!

Go on the hunt for that perfect snowflake.  @karimaphotography makes it look easy but you may find yourself out exploring with your Pixter Macro for endless hours.  Get a group of friends to go out exploring, creating challenges and enjoy spending time with friends that would normally be busy at work.  Make the most of your snow day!

Depending where in the world you are, it may be rare to see temperatures plummeting low enough to see snow but sure at least you will be prepared for the unexpected 😉 Make sure to capture those moments along with enjoying them with friends and family.