5 Reasons why you should be editing your photos

Half the work of a good photo is the edit. So many people nowadays are so happy and proud to have written a #nofilter on Instagram however sometimes a few minor tweaks can make all of the difference!

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to be able to edit.  You don’t need to spend a lot of money either to download the best editing equipment there is. After all, you have gone to the bother of taking a pretty decent photo why not take it the extra mile and make your friends even more envious of your pineapple filled with a pina colada on the beach in Thailand.


1. It can sometimes help make your photos realistic


Regardless of the light and how perfect the conditions are while taking your photo you will normally find it difficult to capture the shot perfectly without a little help.  We could get super technical as to why that is the case but that is for another day!  Trust us though!


A little edit here and there can help to make photos more realistic.  “This photo just doesn’t do this sunset justice”.  Well an edit might bring that photo to the next level and help your loved ones see your photos in the best way possible!


2. You can make a certain colour pop


Have you ever looked at a black and white photo with a pop of pink or yellow?  With Pavel proving to have a great example (it is true that a picture is worth more than a thousand words)

Or another example might be if you are on a sun holiday near the beach and you would like to take a picture of the blue sea and sky, making both colours pop.


3. You can make a photo your own


Photography is a great way to express yourself and your personality.  That may be the way in which you take the photo itself or the edit!


An edit can make an ordinary photo extraordinary by putting your own twist on it.   Be that for your Instagram, if you are planning on making a personalised gift for a friend or member of your family it will sometimes need to be edited and possibly cropped to fit into the template for that perfect mug 😉


4. You might have gotten just a NEAR perfect shot


Have you ever been at an iconic monument, or near an amazing view and everyone is taking photos.  You wait patiently around and finally you see a gap where you can just make out how to get that perfect shot with you being the only subject.  The camera snaps and at that precise moment in time


5. It can help you to tell a story


You want to create a very melancholic atmosphere but the environment you are in is anything but that?  In today’s world, we rarely have the time to stop and read a carefully thought out caption, instead everything needs to be said within the photo itself and a great way to do that is by the edit itself!


These are just five reasons that we felt are important to edit your photos however the list is really endless as is to the level you edit your photos.  Mess around with your edits, try new things and see what tickles your fancy.


One thing that you should note is that you have to start somewhere and even though the thought of editing an image can be extremely daunting more than anything else it doesn’t have to be!  Have a look at what Lloyd and Yaya had to say about editing their photos!  They prove that no matter your level of knowledge in photography you can find your own style and figure out what works well for you!