24 Hours in Zermatt with Nxplore

Today, Nicola from the Instagram account @nxplore is bringing us on his journey to Zermatt in Switzerland.  He shot and edited all of his photos using his iPhone 8 along with his Pixter Wide Angle Pro and Telephoto lens for this adventure.  Keep reading to see what he got up to!

Even though Evelyne and I are from Switzerland, we both haven’t really been to the most famous Swiss mountain Matterhorn in the Zermatt Region. Since the weather forecast looked unbelievably good and we hoped to find some beautiful autumn colours there we decided to catch the next train just after our lecture on the Friday afternoon.

When we arrived in Zermatt, it was already dark so we decided to go to bed pretty early to make sure we could make the most of the following day!  We planned on getting up at 5am to take the Gornergrat train up to the Riffelsee.  Our main goal of the trip was to catch sunrise and the morning mood from many different perspectives. But first, we enjoyed a one hour scenic train ride up 3000m! The view out of this train was really out of this world and we did our best to capture it on our smartphone!

When we finally arrived at the Riffelsee, after a few freezing minutes in the cold waiting for sunrise it finally happened. The sun burned at the top of the Matterhorn. Believe me, you can see photos of the best photographers on earth, and it’s not half as impressive as seeing sunrise at such a spot in real life…No photo can do that view justice but I did try to capture it as best I could! I tried to catch the famous Matterhorn, and its beautiful reflection from a few different angles.

After the sun was already set, we started to hike up to the top of the Gornergrat. We hoped to get away from all the tourists, so we could find some secret spots to take photos. Searched – and found.

We discovered this beautiful rock formation, and tried to show the size of the glacier and the mountains in the background. Beautiful, isn’t it?

Down in the Valley, we visited the town of Zermatt and already it was time to set off home. On our way home, we stopped shortly at a beautiful lake called “Oeschinensee”. We stayed there for sunset, in hope that all tourists were already in the valley then. We were lucky. Only us, and a few lonely fishermen stayed there. Such a perfect ending to an even more perfect and successful day. Definitely better than staying in lectures all day long 😉


Can’t wait to check-in again during my next adventure!