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“For me, it’s important to convey not only the atmosphere of the place, but also feelings and impressions of what you see”


Pavel is a Moscow based architect that spends his free time continuing his love for architecture with his iPhone X and his beloved lensball.  His main focus in his work is conceptual design and visual arts.  He brings that passion into his photography which he shoots solely on his smartphone!


Pavel is originally from the city of meteors in Russia called Chelyabinsk.  Have you ever heard the reason why the city got its name?!  

He became interested in photography thanks to his profession.  Being a practicing architect, he was always interested in not only creating ideas and archi-projects but also in capturing moments in the form of photography. But for him, the point is not in the photo itself, but in “creating a piece of art”.

What to expect from Pavel? Well don’t be surprised when you see many unusual perspectives and emotions of urban shapes.  In other words don’t be expecting to see a photo of the Eiffel tower the right way round 😉  He would much rather take a photo of the its reflection in a puddle, from a different angle.  In other words something a different and unique!