Instagram: @touristyadvisor


“From a young age I started travelling and haven’t had any notion to stop since!”

Michel Hesselink is a Dutch traveler from the Instagram account @touristyadvisor.  He is originally from Zaandam which is a city located 10 minutes from Amsterdam.  A student of International Business Administration at the VU (Free University of Amsterdam).

From a very young age, he started travelling with my parents and brother. They would go to very exciting destinations in the summer, like California, Canada, New York, Iceland, Norway, but also a lot to Italy, his family’s “go-to” summer destination. Every winter they would go skiing in Austria, which is something Michel loves to do.


During his visits to Norway and Iceland, he really started to get interested in Travel Photography, because the surroundings were so inspiring and beautiful. During the Iceland trip he decided to start an Instagram page and sure the rest is history really!

His photography style could be best described as strong colours with a lot of blue-ish tones. He loves sunsets, viewpoints, high places & mountains but small Italian alleys or Dutch canals are also lovely subjects.


What to expect from Michel?  A bit of everything, full of surprises and always looking for an adventure regardless of plans getting changed last minute!


His articles to date!

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